24 October 1864

October 24, 1864

Dear Father,

Your letter was received in time but as I had just written I thought I would not answer it immediately but wait and perhaps mine would be answered first. But as none has as yet reached me from home, I will write again. I suppose Mary has told you where I am for I wrote to her some time ago. Well, if she has not, I can. I am again in the hospital and have been here just a week today. I have been complaining for some time with the the diarrhea but come to find out I had bleeding piles— a disease that is not to be cured very soon and perhaps never for the Dr. says when the bleeding piles once gets hold of a man, it will never get out of his system but can only stopped for a short time. I hope mine is not so for I cannot ride or walk much when I have them. I was in hopes of getting a sick furlough but I will have to give it up. It cannot be got where I am at present. If I had been sent to a General Hospital, it would have been all right. But I am getting better and I hope to join the Battery again in a few days.

Albert was up to see me yesterday. He is well and has got a first rate job. He does not have to go in any fight and he will always be out of range of all shots. I am very glad he is well provided for, for I should not like to have him run the risk of being at the front for he has a family and has only one year to stop. It does not make any difference with me for I have over two years yet unless the war be over soon (God grant it may). It is true, I also have a family which I love as well as he does, but it does not seem so dangerous for me because that is my place. I came out to fight and I intend to do it as long as God pares my life and may He spare it to go through this and to come home and live a long and happy life with my little wife and big boy. How I should like to see him. I think very likely I will have a chance to come this winter sometime.

The Captain says he wants Dominic Sanders to be a blacksmith so he will have a good situation too. All the boys are well. We have had about 400 recruits of one year men. The Captain is trying to get up another Battery and I think he will do it too for he has a great influence at Washington.

Father, I wish you would go and see Albert’s wife. She does not like it because you never come down. Go and see her and keep things all right but [don’t] let her know I said anything to you about it. As soon as you get some ____ at ____, please take her about 95 lbs. or 50 according to my crop, I hope this will find you all well. Give my love to Mary and Mother. Tell them I am doing first rate. Write soon to your son, — C. V. H.