26 August 1863

Camp near Beverly Ford [on Rappahannock River]
August 26, 1863

Dear Father,

I have written a request to my old Lieutenant Woodbury, now Captain of Company D, 1st New Jersey Artillery, to give me a suitable recommendation for a commission and I think he will do it. I told him if he did, he must send it to you so if one comes, you will please act as soon as possible. Take it right to Mr. F[relinghuysen].  I think that a good recommendation will go a great ways towards it and especially from Capt. G[eorge] T. Woodbury for he is universally liked at home as well as in the army.

Father, if things go on right, you will not be the loser by spending a little time for me. I have thought considerably about joining the Regular Cavalry but if my commission comes pretty soon, I shall not go. I can get $400 bounty if I go but I shall wait a while until I hear definite that my appointment is lost. Besides the bounty, I can get thirty days furlough and that is worth six months pay.

If Capt. Woodbury should not choose to recommend me, why then our friend Mr. F[relinghuysen] must use all his influence because since Woodbury has left, this Battery is going down ad I shan’t stay much longer in it. Our next best officer has gone home and there is a rumor that he is to have Captaincy of Battery C so if it is true there will not be a good officer left excepting the Captain and since he has come back from headquarters, there is no getting along with his airs.

Give my regards to all. Tell Mother I am well but don’t let her know that I think of enlisting for three years more for she might worry. Tell Mollie to write as soon as she can.

As I was thinking this morning, I happened to remember that I had two sisters—Amanda and Matilda. I had almost forgotten them. I had not heard from them so long. Is Matilda in New York yet? I should be very pleased to hear from them. I guess Albert is gone up for I have written twice to him and he has not answered either of my letters. How is crops this summer? I suppose there is plenty of fruit. I should like to be home to eat a few grapes.

But I must close. My love to all. Write soon. With much respects I remain yours, — C. V. H.